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Skin Ailments in Holland Lops Heal Quickly with Colloidal Silver Gel

I'd like to share how Colloidal Silver Gel has been helpful in two instances for me with my Holland Lops. Silver is naturally antimicrobial and was used widely for healing and other disinfecting purposes before the advent of antibiotics. I am not a vet and I do not claim authority on this topic or this product, but I have found it helpful with my animals. This is the product I use:

Colloidal Silver Gel comes in a glass bottle with a pump, to be applied topically (never ingested). The brand I use is from a very reputable company called Sovereign Silver, which gives a lot of great information about their products, and about silver in general, and how to use it safely. Check out their "Learn" page here:

Last year, my buck Tupper had a wet cheek. His eye wasn't dripping, so I knew it wasn't conjunctivitis or any eye issue, and his teeth were fine. It seemed to smell, so I thought maybe he either got peed on or somehow rubbed himself in urine and it was starting to smell. Despite me trying to wash it a couple of times, the smell persisted. Unfortunately I don't have "before" pics of these bunnies because I was too preoccupied with fixing them up, but here's a pic of him after a couple of days on the silver gel:

And here's his affected area all healed up, just a couple more days later. You can see the hair starting to grow back in. I never found out exactly what it was, but it had done a job on his skin, and coating it thinly once a day with the gel was tremendously healing.

Jingles has a tendency toward leaky eyes, and usually I just give him saline drops and sometimes antibiotic ointment and it clears up. This time, I was very busy and had to delay treating him for about five days. Big mistake. All I thought was that his cheeks were a bit damp but nothing serious, because he literally looked like this:

Seems fine, right? Wrong. Underneath all that cheek fur, his skin had gotten wet and covered with damp, matted fur, and had turned red and scabby. Terrible! Again, I tried the colloidal silver, not sure it would work through the matted fur, but it did! As each section healed, the fur tufts sloughed off, and left him with beautiful healed skin within one week.

Amazingly, the wetness had extended not only to his cheek, but had crept to the side and almost to the back of his neck as well.

I would like to make one comment about Hollands with leaky eyes. Conjunctivitis is common in lop-eared, smoosh-nosed rabbits, because in the development of a blocky-headed breed (as opposed to pointy-nosed breeds), the canals between the nose and the eye's tear duct got re-routed, and make some rabbits more susceptible to blockages.

However, not every leaky eye means the rabbit has conjunctivitis. It could be allergies, tooth problems, or something else. For a good discussion of possible issues, see the House Rabbit's 2011 article about this topic:

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