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Best Litter Box for Holland Lops

You wouldn't think this little fella could make much of a mess, would you? Well, in an indoor habitat, he has nowhere to relieve himself except his litter box or cage floor, so we have to make sure to keep it as clean and odor-free as we can.

Rabbits are typically clean animals, and usually pick one corner of their habitat to use as a toilet. This is where you put the litter box. I use litter boxes with grates on top so that the bunnies don't step in their pee. I prefer pelleted pine horse bedding as a substrate, which goes under the grate (I use about 2 cups for each litter change). This smells fresh for several days, and is extremely absorbent. If I were not using a grate, I probably would not use the pine pellets but maybe just hay or aspen shavings, and I would change the box more often so their feet wouldn't get damp.

I have tried many litter boxes, all of which have been plastic with either a plastic or coated metal grate. My second favorite is the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan, Jumbo size, which is a corner litter box. And honestly, I would have stayed with this box, but the price went way up. It's available on Amazon now for $30.

This is a great litter box. But if you have a frisky rabbit, it can pop the grate out pretty easily.

As I looked for a replacement, I found that most had trays that were too shallow, and I was cleaning pans every 2-3 days. What I really wanted was something to last 4-5 days!

Then I found this one, which I LOVE. It sells for $21.

It's called "Tfwadmx". Yup. Try pronouncing that one. And then when you get it, it says "Lasge" on it!

Don't let this poorly photo-shopped rabbit make you think the box is bigger than it is!

These freebies come with the box. (They're probably fine, but I throw them out, because I am very picky what I give to my rabbits.)

Here's what my box looks like:

Two cups of pine pellets with plenty of room to expand!

The back walls are high, the size is perfect for the rabbits, even my brood does use it successfully. It's also really sturdy-- the plastic is thick, and the grate is the strongest I've seen.

This grate is SECURELY attached!

Battery for size comparison -- see how deep the tray is?

Two slots for the hooks:

Plastic screw-on hooks for cage:

Probably the only thing better than this would be a stainless steel litter box, but those are way above my price-point! Until then, I'm sticking with this one!

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